Run Web Apps like Native Windows Apps

  • Layout persistence
  • Notifications
  • Based on Chromium
  • Easy Deployment

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Wesk Features

Wesk Welcome

What Wesk provides

Wesk allows you to use Web Applications as Native Applications

  • Layout persistence: you no longer need to re-arrange your windows every time you start your application
  • Inter-window communication: get your web app pages to talk to each other!
  • Desktop notifications
  • Browser consistency: Wesk uses the powerful Chromium engine that drives the Google Chrome browser

  • HTML5 Compliant
  • Blazing fast JavaScript
  • Saves Window State
  • Works on any Windows machine

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Wesk in Detail

Chromium Engine

Powered by Chromium

Chromium is the HTML and JavaScript engine that drives Chrome, the super-fast browser from Google.

Using Wesk, you'll get the same speed of execution you get from Chrome. In other words, much faster than Internet Explorer.

Easy API

Our API couldn't be simpler, and it's based on industry standards.

We think it is absolutely essential to have a simple API. We don't want to make our users struggle to learn obscure patterns. That's why we designed our API to be simple, and made sure that it follows JavaScript standards (using Promises for instance).
Discover our API here



Fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and fully compatible with the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and blazing fast JavaScript.

Wesk uses the Chromium V8 engine for a smooth JavaScript experience. The Chromium engine also gives you cross-browser consistency because it respects the standards that allow your code to run on Chrome, Firefox and recent versions of IE without any change.


Layout persistence, inter-window communication, desktop notifications

Window states and sizes are saved to be re-used each time you start Wesk. Wesk windows can communicate with each other, securely. You can also send Desktop Notifications, à la Growl.

Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Self Hosting

Wesk can host your app, removing the need for a web server such as IIS or Apache. This currently works with pure HTML/JS applications (i.e. static files, using AngularJS and KnockoutJS for example), but will also work on ASP.NET websites in the near future.

Who's using Wesk?

  • Banks
  • Traders
  • Devs
  • You!

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Who we are and how it all started. Our story.

Our workspace

It all started with a Big Bang (not)

As builders of trader web applications in the Finance industry, we stumbled on a common issue

Our users had the power of a web application (no deployment, ease of use, speed), but they lacked the ability to save the layouts of complex applications. They also complained that their various windows didn't communicate with each other. We created Wesk to solve this problem.

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To find out more about Wesk, please drop us a line at

or contact: with your technical questions.