Technical Specifications

Wesk Dependencies

In order to run, Wesk needs the following:

It's all in the installer

If you install Wesk using the installer (which is the default option when downloading from the website), you don't have to deal with any of this. The installer will install the missing dependencies automatically.

Wesk Compatibility

Wesk is compatible with the following Operating Systems:

Wesk Footprints

When installing and using Wesk with the default options, Wesk will write files in the following folders:


Wesk uses the open source Chromium libraries as the HTML/Javascript engine. This is the same engine that powers Google's Chrome browser.

We use Chromium version 25, below CEF and CefSharp.

Self Hosting

By default, when you use Self-Hosting, Wesk will host your web app starting from TCP port 4554. Any extra self-hosted Wesk Application will be hosted on the next available port (4555, 4556, etc.).


The current version of Wesk is 1.20